Jungle inspired bathroom decor with waterproof wall light

Wanderlust: Bring The World Home Into Your Interior

Is there anything better than being on holiday? Spending your days exploring incredible countries. There are many ways in which you can infuse your interior with wanderlust and bring your travels home with you to create the holiday vibe all year round! From getting that tropical rainforest vibe by bringing plants into your bathroom to displaying travel collectables all over your walls, if you want to bring the vacay vibe into your interiors, read on!

Go Unique

Your interior is a place where you can express your personality and tell your own story, whether this is in your home or commercial space. The perfect way to do this is by incorporating handcrafted and unique items. Think colourful rugs with Moroccan vibes, wall art from all corners of the globe to uniquely handcrafted lighting. All of our lights are handcrafted by our craftsmen to create unique and beautiful lighting solutions for any interior style! 

Showcase Your Collections

Take your décor on a journey by showcasing your travel collections. One of the key trends of 2019 is to get that global essence, and this can easily be achieved by adding plenty of textures and depth with layering up accessories. The texture of the unique accessories emits uniqueness and transports us back on holiday! As well as showcasing your collectables, incorporate copper lighting, which brings the warmth that comes with travel, as well as adding incredible style!

Old Factory Slotted Pendant - 15 Inch – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by kylamagrathinteriors)

Here at Industville, we love a cosy corner! Instead of placing the souvenirs collected on your travels away from sight, why not create a little wanderlust corner? Great interiors are all about owning your own style, and this is the perfect way to do this. Combine the cosy corner with some glass retro lights for the ultimate vintage vibe, full of character!

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 12 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @alittlehomeinyorkshire)

Create A Spa Haven

Holidays are all about escaping day-to-day life, exploring new cultures and embracing what the country has to offer. At home, the bathroom is one of the places we go to unwind after a long day; luxurious hotels all around the world have bathrooms which could rival a spa. This can easily be replicated in your bathroom to transport you to the likes of Bali or Italy!

Bring plants in to get the jungle vibe, a freestanding bath for luxury and some stylish waterproof lighting to create a seamless atmosphere. Our range of waterproof lighting allows you to bring the style into your bathroom and light up the more difficult areas!

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @annas_attic_interiors_shop)

Replicate The Holiday Feeling 

Trialling the local cuisine or sipping on a craft cocktail is one of the best things about being on holiday. Replicate the holiday spirit in your restaurant or bar interior to entice customers in, allow customers to immerse themselves in the experience fully. Pick up ornaments which represent your brand identity with good lighting to create the perfect atmosphere!

The Bling Tiger, an Asian-inspired restaurant in Liverpool, introduced a rich colour palette, Asian textures and industrial lights in order to replicate the feeling of being in Asia!

Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light - 4 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Blind Tiger by Snook Architects)

Señor Ceviche, a Peruvian restaurant in London, is inspired by the owners travels through Peru. The interior of the Soho restaurant and bar reflects the bohemian chic of Lima, and they wanted to reflect the fun of this into the décor!

Brooklyn Giant Bell Pendant - 20 Inch – Brass , by Industville (Image supplied by Señor Ceviche)

Good lighting in restaurants and bars is essential as it enhances a customers experience and can determine whether they prolong their visit and become regular customers. We have a wide variety of lights; whether it’s a wall light, flush mount or pendant that you’re after to suit every style, you can browse our full range here

Add Character

Interior design is all about building character, and the perfect way to do this is by making a statement. Colourful walls, unique art, and jazzing up your lighting with fabric flex is the ideal way to make a statement and build character. Exotic destinations are full of rich green tones and lots of plants, bring this into your interior to create a tropical paradise!

Original and unique art adds a sense of personality and uniqueness to any space. When it comes to artwork, you should invest in high-quality pieces which reflect your personality. We dedicate our showroom walls to aspiring artists work, which you can browse here

Sun Gleaming On a Bubbling Brook by Liz Rogers

Bring Nature In

Feeling the sand between our toes, the sun against our skin and the warm burst of air as you step off the plane, being on holiday allows you to immerse yourself in nature. However, the weather is not always on side for us to embrace this when at home! A seamless way to replicate this is to bring nature in.

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Kerstie Washtell)

Fill your home with plants and flowers to uplift your mood; there’s also a psychological reason behind doing this. Plants help to circulate oxygen around a room and reduce carbon dioxide levels, which helps reduce stress. Pair greenery with handcrafted lights and you’ve got a stylish and stress-reducing interior!

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @aldridgejulie)

Make your home your dream destination this year by following one or two of these steps! Whether you want to showcase your travel treasures, create a tropical paradise with plants or bring the spa into your bathroom, these are the perfect ways to make you fall in love with your interior. Which destination would you bring into your home? Let us know on Instagram! We love seeing your photos, so don’t forget to tag us - @Industville – or by using our hashtag - #Industville. 

Featured Image Credit: @annas_attic_interiors_shop