A rustic kitchen interior with industrial lighting by Industville

The Woodland Retreat Trend

With staycations becoming increasingly popular, many people are looking to transform their spaces into their dream getaway. After all, our homes should be the places where we can relax and unwind after a busy day in total comfort.

If your dream getaway is a cosy lodge in a distant forest, then you’ll adore this latest trend! Woodland retreat is all about piecing together a warm, tranquil, enchanting woodland theme in your home.

By introducing some rustic themes, and plenty of texture, you can create your own country-style lodge, perfect for relaxing!

Discover our guide to every interior design style to inspire your next project.

Embrace Wooden Furniture

There is nothing that speaks more for a country cottage interior than wood. If you want to embrace the woodland retreat trend, be generous with the amount of wooden furniture and features you use in your interior.

One of the great things about wood is how incredibly versatile it can be for interiors. Wooden tables, sides and seats are a great way of adding a rustic feel to any space. A reclaimed cupboard, side table or wardrobe is another way of adding more soft colours and textures to a room.

Wood is also an incredibly easy texture to pair with other features. The kitchen below is a beautiful example of how wood can bring various shades to a space, while our brass lights add a wonderful textured element. 

Hanging industrial lights by Industville over a wooden kitchen worktop

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 8 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @cosyby_me)

Rustic Colours

Finding the right colours for a rustic interior is one of the biggest challenges for any budding designer. There are many options for showcasing your style, but at the same time, it’s essential that you keep the homely, country atmosphere of this trend.

Darker pastel shades tend to work wonders with any country interior design. Soft, natural colours, like sage, blush pink, sea blue and cloudy grey are great for adding tone while keeping a relaxed environment.

For an extra pop in your rustic interior, our industrial style lights are a perfect choice. See below how our beautiful chandelier collection draws eyes upwards with its warm, natural tones that compliment the cosiness of the room while also adding style.

A rustic living room with rugs, fireplace and wired chandelier by Industville

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Mark Watts, Beside the Sea Holidays)

Natural Details

When we think of old village country homes, we imagine busy, often unorganised spaces – boots in the hall, photos on the wall and so on. For a more modern twist, add to your design with small little touches that remind you of home, or your favourite countryside getaway.

One of the biggest trends right now is bringing the outside in, and the woodland retreat works wonderfully with this idea. Take your cue from the world outside and fill your space with odes to nature. Objects such as feathers, pebbles, leaves, pinecones and small tree branches look great arranged as a still life on a windowsill.

If you want to help blend your interior design with your outside spaces, our outdoor range is the perfect option. The exterior below showcases beautifully how creating a connection between interior and exterior can help to create a truly coherent design that’s in touch with the natural world.

All our lights are made from natural metals, further highlighting this connection.

A stylish balcony with metal wall light by Industville

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @nicbissekerphotography & @veryvictorianmerebrook)

Mix & Match

The rustic interior style is all about creating spaces that are busy but retain their warmth and cosiness through soft colours and textures. With this in mind, woodland retreat is the perfect trend to be adventurous with your combinations of shades and tones.

Combine your favourite pieces of furniture to create spaces full of character. We love the modern rustic bedroom design below and how it showcases each unique feature.

A modern rustic bedroom interior

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Pewter & Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant - 6 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by W Birch Developments Ltd)

You can mix and match your textures to create a stunning design with remarkable depth and emotion. Check out the interior below, and how the wooden tabletop blends with our red leather and metal stools to create a modern space full of warmth.

A modern kitchen with rustic wooden counter and leather stools by Industville

Turner Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 35 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by Beau Port Kitchens)

Restaurant Retreat

Creating a warm and relaxing interior is vital for commercial businesses, making this a trend worth considering. The use of dark wood tones is perfect for creating a cosy space for your customers while combining their texture with our metal lighting is perfect for adding a more modern twist.

Our industrial lights inspire businesses and their customers every day in places such as Pizza Express, Smashburger, BrewDog and Caffe Nero, to name a few. Explore our commercial options to see the perfect solution for your business.

A wooden restaurant interior with industrial hanging lights by Industville

Brooklyn Giant Step Flush Mount - 18 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Plumpy Duck)

Catalogue and Samples

If you would like to experiment with adding an industrial touch to your rustic interior, why not check out our catalogue? You can order a ring sample of our metals and a sample box of our flex cables to make sure you find the perfect tones for your unique space. 

The Industville catalogue with metal and wiring samples

The woodland retreat trend is all about creating warm and cosy spaces where people want to unwind. Right now, we don’t think there’s any trend that could be more perfect!

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