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Top 35 Vintage Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

top 35 vintage design blogs

This is the ultimate list of vintage decor blogs. There are loads of bloggers out there but we made sure we found the cream of the vintage design crop for this post.

There's truly something for everyone here.

If you're looking for tips on shopping at thrift stores, vintage decorating, industrial accessorising or anything else to do with the world of vintage interior design then you'll find a blog that's perfect for you.

Ready to be inspired by these awesome bloggers? Then take a look at Industvilles list of top vintage design blogs you definitely should be reading:

1. Eclectically Vintage

shelf with a vintage decor by Eclectically Vintage


Kelly Elko’s vintage interiors design blog offers the perfect mix of DIY tutorials, home inspiration and top tips. An interesting feature of this blog are the “Home Tours” which feature stunning photos of vintage-inspired homes we’d all love to live in.

2. Lace n Ruffles

vintage decor pieces by Lace n Ruffles

Vintage-obsessed Juliet S regularly posts vintage design articles on this blog. You’ll see practical guides for designing your home room by room, as well as tips on specific elements such as bathtubs, and features on subjects like eco-living.

3. Because It’s Awesome

vintage decor pieces by because it's awesome

At BIA you’ll find photographs of homes that have vintage design at the heart of their style, all of whom possess stunning traditional details. This is interspersed with regular posts on brands that stock some awesome vintage gear and anything that this blogger finds awesome, which always is awesome!

4. The Vintage Guide to London

living room with vintage decor done by the vintage guide to London

This vintage design site offers something very different and should be well-known among vintage enthusiasts. This is basically your place to go if you want to stay up to date with fairs, markets, car boot sales and all the other places where you’ll come across those great vintage finds for your home.

5. Vintage Rescue Squad

vintage pieces set on a table arranged by Vintage Rescue Squad

Vintage Rescue Squad’s Sue is a master antiquer who scrambles around to find interesting vintage decor pieces before re-selling them. Her blog features loads of retro gear that she has purchased and would fit perfectly in any vintage-styled home.

6. Junkaholics Unanimous

vintage plates and furniture sets arranged by Junkaholics Unanimous

Here you have a similar deal, an interior design blogger on the hunt for vintage finds to decorate her home with. You’ll also gain an insight into how Amber Lyon Ferguson decorates her own home and garden with the pretty pieces she comes across.

7. My Old Country House

retro living room with vintage decor and cushions

This blog offers a real mix of elements from art to fashion, written with an endearing personal touch by Lesli DeVito. But what we’re interested in are the interior design posts: DeVito regularly features vintage design elements she’s enjoying and photos of her own super stylish home.

8. My Warehouse Home

a warehouse style bathroom with vintage fittings and decorations

This blog was created to excite and inspire and errs more on the side of industrial-style design. My Warehouse Home is an absolute must-read due to the variety and depth of posts, there are advice blogs, interviews with designers, reviews and much more.

9. Grays Blog

vintage Edwardian urns/vases

If you have a passion for antiques and fine art then this blog is for you. Grays are  renowned antique dealers, so these guys really know their stuff. Expect to see spotlight features on different events and themes such as perfume bottles or coffee pots.

10. Victoria’s Vintage

victorias vintage make up table

Victoria covers a lot of bases with her blog, and she covers them pretty expertly. The posts on vintage décor show off her beautiful bedroom adorned with vintage accessories, as well as tutorials on upcycling furniture and posts about  vintage-style ornaments she’s found on the High Street.

11. Mod Vintage Life

living room decorated by mod vintage life

This blog was created by Nita Stacy who is on a mission to remodel her historic Tudor home. As you would imagine then, the blog posts feature an intriguing mix of rustic and modern décor. It’s like a pin board with lots and lots of interesting ideas.

12. The Glamorous Housewife

outdoor space decorated with vintage furniture

Everything on Bethany Herwegh’s blog epitomises retro glam. In the homemaking section you’ll see some fantastic DIY ideas for chic accents for your home. You can also take a peek inside Bethany’s own home for vintage design ideas.

13. Vintage Finds

vintage kitchen from vintage finds

This blog is run by antique and interior design expert, Mallori. Her posts examine particular pieces of furniture and what can be achieved with them, homes with vintage décor appropriate to the season and much more with an expert’s insight.

14. Petite Vintage Interiors

vintage childs bedroom by Petite Vintage Interiors

This is one of the most unique blogs you’ll see on the list. That’s because it focuses on vintage designs for kids. You can expect to see some of the most stylish childrens’ rooms ever, as well as tutorials so that you can produce something similar.

15. Flashback Summer

vintage shelf with picture frames

Emileigh Rogers’s blog is sweet! Alongside the vintage fashion and sewing tutorials you’ll find home décor features. This is certainly one to watch as she promises more in the way of vintage interior design in the future.

16. My Scandinavian Home

vintage items arranged around a locker room

This fascinating blog focuses on beautiful homes from around the world - the recent series of blogs featured homes in California. The main focal point however is Scandinavian homes as you would imagine, as this blogger is an English expat living in Sweden.

17. The Antiques Diva & Co

leopard skin themed vintage living room

This vintage design blog is provided by a company with an utterly unique concept. They offer antique buying tours on a national and international basis. The blog itself features a range of antiques and information on their provenance.

18. Sarah Moore Home

staircase with a vintage floral design

Sarah Moore is a well-known vintage interior designer so you can really expect the best advice from this blog. Articles discuss her work and her store, while showcasing some awesome vintage ideas you could implement in your own home.

19. Vintage Goodness

Vintage painting of Elvis and a milk maid

This blog is run by another thrift store shopping expert. You’ll get to see all the unique, old-school finds that Mitzi Swisher has foraged for at thrift stores, auctions and yard sales. What’s really great is that Mitzi sells lots of these wares on eBay and Etsy too.

20. BODIE and FOU

rustic vintage garden area and chopping boards

This is an award-winning design blog from Karine Candice Köng, whose blog posts are as interesting as her unusual name. Although Köng is majorly into French style, you’ll find vintage and industrial interiors from an array of places.

21. The Vintage Post

vintage designed kitchen area with bright industrial lights

This is a really nice site that has more of a magazine-style layout. You’ll find a load of information on collecting and restoring vintage pieces, as well as tutorials, buying guides and inspiring photos. The site also features vintage-inspired homes – there’s a bit of everything!

22. Vintage Industrial Style

industrial style interior with vintage furniture and lights

Yep, you guessed it, this amazing blog highlights vintage industrial style in particular. Expect articles on key pieces of industrial furniture and elements of industrial interiors, such as industrial lights! Along with key design ideas, tips on where to go shopping and more.

23. Dagmar’s Home

vintage designed garden office

Dagmar Bleasdale blogs about vintage design from her quaint little blue cottage. Read this blog for tips on how to do vintage on a budget from this thrifty missus. There are lots of creative decorating ideas to try out for yourself.

24. Jane Richards

vintage designer living rooms

You’ll want to see and read about this vintage interior designer’s stunning ideas. Her blog looks at vintage accessories, designers’ products, retro architecture and the photos are just magnificent. Everything she posts is magnificent.

25. Edith & Evelyn Vintage

vintage bedroom with vintage lighting fixtures

Cindy, the creator of this blog, was inspired by her mother’s savvy ways and ability to dress her home beautifully with second-hand and vintage items. How sweet! Thus, this blog features DIY vintage and decorating ideas.

26. Flea Market Insiders

vintage furniture being sold at a market

Who doesn't love a good flea market? This blog offers tips on fleamarket shopping and travel guides to the very best flea markets in the world, from Europe to the USA. If you’re into travelling then you should favourite this fantastically useful blog right now.

27. Democratic Vintage

small vintage bathroom

This blog comes from LA-based interior designers Laura Smith and Janice Barta. Their industry experience speaks for itself when you take a look at the articles. Expect to see examples of their re-modelling work and hot tips for wonderful pieces of vintage décor.

28. Pamper and Curves

vintage spice rack

This great vintage design blog from Betty Pamper is all about plus-size vintage clothing. It makes the list however thanks to Pamper’s extensive crafts section. There are some fascinating projects to help you create some nice vintage accents for your home.

29. Retail Design Blog

vintage industrial style commercial space

This blog is different from all the others because its main focus is on commercial design as opposed to home design. The blog has regular features on vintage design showcasing some lovely vintage interiors put together by coffee houses, hotels, shops etc.

30. Amber Interiors

vintage designed dining room

This interior designer takes us with her every step of the way as she elegantly transforms the homes she works on. What’s nice is that Amber also includes something of a shopping list for all of her projects so you know exactly what to get in order to recreate her vintage-style designs.

31. Cedar Hill Farmhouse

dining room filled with vintage decor

This vintage design blog from Anita Joyce is all about French accents and farmhouse living. Joyce offers great tips on everything from organisation to the complete transformation of a room. Keep an eye on this one for great give-aways.

32. Far Above Rubies

retro kitchen with vintage fittings

Anita Diaz’s extensive vintage design blog is jam-packed with seasonal and themed design tips. She also provides a room by room look at vintage decor, furniture inspiration, crafts, hints on outdoor living. There really is a lot of tip-top stuff to look at.

33. House of Hipsters

woman holding a vintage pillow

Kyla’s blog for hipsters is pretty darn cool! She’s obviously very passionate about home décor, and it shows in her interesting posts. Expect sneak peeks at her home, design projects and posts about her vintage design inspirations.

34. Kate Beavis

vintage suitcases inside a retro bedroom

Beavis is a long-time vintage enthusiast and collector with her own online store. Her blog features pieces on vintage styling ideas, examples of home wares from different eras, interviews, DIY projects and more. It’s nice and varied!

35. Zuburbia

vintage chair by Zuburbia


Last but not least we have a rather unique option. Zuburbia is all about being friendly to the environment and promoting awareness of green issues. The blog displays a huge range of interesting vintage home finds.

We hope you have found a few new vintage design blogs to read! Share this list with your fellow vintage enthusiasts! You can read more on how to incorporate vintage styling into your interior design with our post on Vintage & Industrial Interiors.