Vintage Industrial Restaurant Design Inspiration | Wringer & Mangle

Vintage Industrial Restaurant Design Inspiration | Wringer & Mangle

Industville have had the pleasure of being involved in a number of exciting projects over the past year. Our collaboration with client, Gerry Calabrese for his new venture, Wringer & Mangle , an exciting bar and restaurant concept which has opened in London’s creative mecca, of Hackney is no exception.

Included in Bar Magazine’s first issue of 2016, Wringer & Mangle looks set to make a impact on London's cocktail scene this year.Situated on the ground floor of The Laundry Building, an unassuming industrial site converted into events spaces and creative work spaces in 2011. Wringer & Mangle has worked to create a brand new eating and drinking establishment with an interior that perfectly classic and contemporary styles.

A personal project undertaken by London's hospitality titan, Gerry Calabrese and his brother Jon, Wringer & Mangle illustrates a new venture that has sent the local cocktail scene alight. At Industville, we worked with Gerry on the interior of his new concept, using our Industville products to help him sympathetically reference the old laundry building in which Wringer & Mangle is housed whilst also bring his own unique vision to the space.


Pieces used, were taken from the whole Industville range, from the leather seated Turner Vintage Stools which line along the bar, to more intimate relaxed areas framed with antique chesterfield armchairs and  illuminated by two of our large statement pendants in Brass, the Large Retro 17inch Pendant and the Brooklyn Giant Bell Pendant .

The space also took advantage of our new Vintage Copper Collection, using the elegant 13-inch Brooklyn Vintage Dome in Copper as part of a fantastic scaffolding lighting piece above the long bar area and our Industville Vintage LED Filament Bulbs which are fantastic at creating the kooky and off beat style, that make Wringer & Mangle appear so memorable and perfectly reflects the local area in which Gerry has chosen to base his new project.

Locality and family, is a subject which Gerry specifically feel very passionate about in this projects, originally from the area which he now works and lives, he states ‘I am really enjoying going back to my roots and championing the East End again - there’s no place in the world I’d rather be.’

We couldn’t agree more, at Industville we love being involved in projects like this! We think the final product looks absolutely fantastic, and we admire how Gerry has been able to articulate his vision for this project so effectively. Interiors aside as well, go and check out the amazing food and cocktail options that all work so well with the Wringer & Mangle concept! We can’t wait to visit!

Wringer and Mangle

13-18 Sidworth Street,
E8 3SD
0203 457 7285

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