Brooklyn Pharmacy Adjustable Dome Table Lamp – 7 Inch – Gunmetal

Home Office Ideas & Inspiration

Being productive at home can sometimes be challenging, and that is where a good home office design comes in. By creating a space which is dedicated just to work will spark your productivity and creativity.

We have just the inspiration for you to craft your dream home office, which will motivate you to get started every morning. Whether you have an entire room or just a tiny corner, we’ve got the inspiration for any size home office!

Discover how you can create an industrial-style interior with our guide.

Green home office interior design

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @ AvaRoseInteriorDesign)

Be Minimalistic

If there is one room in the home which would suit being minimalistic, it’s the home office. One of the key factors for a productive office space is to keep the space uncluttered. Keeping your home office organised is the best way to help with concentration and productivity, whether that's investing in a desk with built-in storage or some free-standing drawers.

Home office space in corner of living room

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @londonting_interiors)

Ensure your home office has enough lighting so that you aren’t straining your eyes. We love how these sheer curtains brighten up this space during the day, paired with our vintage glass wall light. Our glass range is incredibly versatile, meaning they pair perfectly with any interior style as they’re designed to be minimalistic.

Brighten It Up

Your interior should reflect your personality and motivate you every single day, so don’t be afraid to be as daring as you’d like. Incorporating a statement wallpaper in your home office can brighten up the space. We love this tropical-inspired wallpaper in this bedroom office, allowing you to transport yourself to a tropical paradise even for a brief few seconds!

Affordable Lighting

Our Copper Sleek Edison Wall Light looks beautiful against the statement wallpaper, providing the space with sufficient light. With our affordable range of vintage industrial lighting you can achieve a stunning look for less!

Office space in a bedroom interior with tropical wallpaper and copper lights

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @morreninteriordesign)

Go Modern

Bring the outdoors in and add a modern twist to your home office. We’d always recommend including greenery in your home as there are so many health benefits. Bringing in a plant or two into your home office is said to clean the air and keep you feeling calm.

The subtle pink tones make this space feel so much brighter. Pair greenery with a wall full of art and an industrial stool, and you’ve got a stunning home office!

Space Saving Stools

Our range of industrial stools are handcrafted with high-quality solid oak wood and a heavy iron, pewter finished antique frame. If your home office is on the smaller side, stools are perfect to tuck away under desks, saving you space while adding style!

For further inspiration for putting a modern twist on an office space, read our blog here.

Home office with industrial stool

Cooper Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 34 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @newbuilttohome)

Balance Cosiness

Your home office should be a space you feel comfortable and inspired, but if it’s too cosy, productivity may suffer. In order to get that cosy feeling without going overboard, we’d suggest adding a little hygge into your space. Think neutral colours paired with natural materials, such as wood, brick and raw brass.

Incorporate plenty of cosy textures through rugs, throws and pillows to create a cosy space which is simple yet still tranquil. To adapt your space throughout the day, we’d suggest opting for dimmer switches, which allows you to change your lighting levels to suit any time of day.

Opt For A Modern Chandelier

Why not add some much-needed character to your space with a modern chandelier? Here at Industville, we’re advocates of creating unique spaces, and with our range, you can create something perfect for you. Our Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant is an amazing way to put the focus on your ceiling!

Modern chandelier in a home office setting with white walls

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant - Brass - Includes Shades, by Industville (Image supplied by @antheajanebiggs)

Keep It Professional

An organised space helps to keep an organised mind. When it comes to home office décor, it is recommended to create focus areas for different activities. If you find your productivity levels are low, you can create a professional, corporate-like space in your office, taking away any distractions.

However, your corporate design doesn’t need to be boring; there are so many ways you can breathe life into the space, including, through unique art, a dash of colour and industrial lights.

Our Accessories

Here at Industville, we have over 1,000 accessories, which allows you to mix and match to create something entirely unique to you. Our Fabric Flex Cables are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and inject a bit of your personality into your space. We have over 50 colours available, so browse our range here today.

Home office with unique art and industrial lighting

Sleek Edison Pendant - 1 Wire - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Decoy Media)

What’s Your Colour?

Forget using just the on-trend colours, but instead choose colours which you love, whether they’re on-trend or not. Some prefer neutral colours, some prefer a pop of colour, and others prefer a darker tone. Take inspiration from trends, but it’s essential to opt for a colour scheme which you like!

We love to see how you decorate your space, like this darker take on an home office. The dark walls blend beautifully with the wooden floor, and our industrial Pewter Sleek pendants add the perfect ambience.

Dark home office interior with industrial pendants

Sleek Cone Pendant - 7 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Jade Grayson)

Sleek Lighting

Our Sleek range is incredibly versatile and suits any interior style or colour. Whether you decide on a dark tone, a bright pop of colour or something more neutral, making them perfect for your home office and any other room in your house!

Light Up Your Desk In Style

Add some style to your home office desk with our Pharmacy Table Lamp. Designed to suit any interior style, whether that’s a contemporary office or a modern one, the table lamp not only ensures your space is sufficiently lit, but it looks gorgeous too!

Brooklyn Pharmacy Adjustable Dome Table Lamp

Brooklyn Pharmacy Adjustable Dome Table Lamp – 7 Inch – Gunmetal, by Industville

Whatever style you opt for in your office interior, ensure it’s something you love and a place which will guarantee you can be as productive as you can be. Lighting is essential in office interiors, helping not to strain your eyes and provide you with enough illumination to be creative.

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