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9 Ways You Can Achieve The Industrial Look

Industrial-style interiors have withstood the test of time to prove they are more of a lifestyle choice than a trend, making them a stylish option for those creating spaces with a sense of longevity. In the last few decades, the theme has increased in popularity tenfold, and this acceleration is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon.

An example of a modern industrial interior

The style was born over 40 years ago, as property developers and architects all over the world began converting industrial buildings into modern homes, and it soon progressed to become the design choice for many. The style focuses on celebrating the raw elements of a property such as brickwork and piping, conveying character, unlike any other interior inspiration.

An industrial style can be embraced in any home or business regardless of budget. Here at Industville, we’ve decided to lend a helping hand to those on the quest for the industrial look, with nine simple ways to  achieve it:

Make the Most of Minimalism

Minimalist themes are integral to the industrial look -  less is certainly more in 2018 - so cut the clutter with a spring clean in the next few weeks, remembering to pass any unwanted items to charity shops or recycling centres. The style emphasises a stripped-down infrastructure; the less detailed, the better. Both floors and walls alike should remain mostly bare in homage to the skeletal support structure.

Mininmalism to achieve a modern industrial interior

Practice Practicality

When it comes to furnishings and niceties, an industrial interior requires your features to be unfussy, practical and fundamental. Clean lines, simple forms, and stark contrasts are a must; but this rather bare-boned approach does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. Living areas are for just that, living, and sofas, chairs and stalls can still be comfortable, but make sure you stick to cool neutral colours without the frills of cushions and accessories; it could be time to say goodbye to your beloved scented candles.

Practical yet decorative furniture for a modern industrial interior

Embrace Edginess

In an industrial-themed environment, colourful, bright or warm pieces of art or accessories would feel out of place against the stark, back-to-basics backdrop, but this doesn't mean you can't get creative when it comes to décor. Original statement art will fit in well, the edgier the better! Here at Industville, we have a variety of original art for sale, so check out our Art Gallery for the latest innovations. Anything abstract or vintage will be at home in industrial-style interiors, including old traffic signs, so use your imagination!

Embrace edginess for a modern industrial interior

Favour Metal Furniture

Simple, metal furniture is a great way to bring an element of the industrial vibe into any interior space. In the quest for a truly authentic vintage style, you can look in second-hand shops for preloved goodies that could fit in fantastically in your home or business. If you are in search of metal-look furniture but don't want your guests sitting on cold, hard exteriors, here at Industville we have an extensive range of metal bar stools with comfortable leather seats that can help you to achieve the look.  

Favour metal furniture for a modern industrial interior

Be Bold with Black

For an instant industrial update within your décor, look for any features, accessories or even furniture that you could paint black.

Embrace black for a modern industrial look

Be it something big like a bathtub or a door frame, to something a little subtler like a radiator or picture frame; a splash of black will immediately complement the cool colour palette, whilst in keeping with the theme of raw and natural materials.

Embrace black to achieve the industrial look

Pendants from the Past

Vintage industrial lighting is one of the best ways to incorporate the industrial theme in your home or business in a way that is as practical as it is decorative. Industrial pendant fixtures with ribbed glass shades, cool metallic colours or bulb cages are just three of the popular lighting solutions that illuminated old factories in a time gone by.

Pendants from the past to achieve a modern industrial look

Big statement pendants that hang above a dining area, island, or hallway is one of the best ways you can get the look. Here at Industville, we have an array of retro lights perfect for those in search of industrial chic, so check out our range online today!

Pendants from the past for a modern industrial look

Exposed Brickwork

It might be slightly more difficult to bring an element of exposed brickwork into existing homes or businesses, although not completely out of the question.

Exposed brickwork to achieve a modern industrial look

Those looking for a complete renovation may wish to speak to their builders or architects about the possibility of including exposed brickwork for a modern contemporary approach that takes its cue from the industrial period. Otherwise, incorporating brick-like patterns, colours and textures where possible will also do the trick.

Exposed brickwork for a modern industrial look

Au Natural

It’s never been more in style to include nature within your design schemes, which makes the industrial look even more appealing to designers. Wood, stone, and earthy colours will all complement your industrial-esque interiors, and potted plants and driftwood features are a fantastic way to further increase impact.

Upcycled Accessories

As mentioned previously, creating a space that conveys the industrial style doesn’t have to come with an eye-watering price tag. This style encourages you as the designer to be creative with the materials available to you and make the most of any resource and talents, leaving you with an interior you can be truly proud of. 2018 has begun with an increasing focus on eco-friendly methods that can help to save our planet, and as with many industries, interior design is often reflective of what’s going on in the world. Find new, functional purposes for once cast-aside objects for an aspirational space that you have truly made your own.

We hope these tips have helped you in your quest for the industrial look, and remember, lights are a great place to start! Our fantastic range of industrial-style lights are available in all the latest on-trend colours, including copper, brass and pewter, meaning you can have stylish interiors exactly how you want them! But don’t just take our word for it, follow our social media channels where we post regular testimonials  from  customers who have achieved that enviable  industrial look using our lights; it’s the best way to get inspired!

Featured Projects: Shot in ’SOHO’ at jj Studios, Shoreditch. www.jjMedia, Lush, Grumpys, Mondo Brewing Company, Evoke Images by Simple Simon Design, The Althorp, Brick and Liquor, Humble Grape, Civerinos, Wringer and Mangle, Project featured Interior Editorial Feature As Featured in copyright Homes & Gardens Magazine July 2016 issue v2, Concord House Apartments – by Jan Sedlacek -, The Lighthouse.

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