How To Put A Modern Twist On Office Design

How To Put A Modern Twist On Office Design

The workplace is no longer a corporate 9-5 setting, with many businesses embracing change and flexibility. It’s now more important than ever to ensure the work environment is a cosy and inviting space, whilst also keeping in mind that the workplace needs to be practical, functional and follow the health and safety regulations. With the workspace changing, it’s vital to take advantage of the space we have around us. We’re going to look at how to embrace the modern office style trend whether you’re in a work office or a home office, incorporating retro industrial lighting, whilst also ensuring the workspace is a practical, healthy and functional environment.  

How Different is the Workplace of Today?

The modern workplace of today revolves around the staff and how they interact with the space. Rather than just being an office and with it being more difficult to distinguish between work, home and our social lives, office design nowadays is about creating an experience and looking how the space around us makes us feel. Incorporating open spaces and well-lit areas are important for productivity levels, as is flexibility and being able to be mobile whenever needed.

However unpractical a games room and a ball pit may sound, having a space to unwind or recharge our work batteries separate to the working space is proving to be more beneficial for productivity. The happier you’re at work, the more likely you’re to stay, therefore creating a workplace where yourself or your staff enjoy working, is vital.

Maris Interiors Office Bar

Brooklyn ES E27 Bulb Holder – Pewter, £10.00. Retro Large Pendant - 17 Inch – Pewter, £89.00, by Industville (Image supplied by MARIS INTERIORS - PROJECT - PRODUCT MADDNESS @MarisInteriors)

Keeping up With the Regulations

Lighting in the workplace is an important factor and contributes to health and safety regulations. Different jobs require different levels of light, the more complex an activity, the more light the space requires. Studies have shown that being able to control the lighting in the workplace helps to increase job satisfaction and decrease workplace stress.

Wherever possible changes in lighting should be made gradually, to reduce the time it takes for our eyes to adjust. All sources of light illuminate different colours; it is important to ensure that lighting is as neutral as possible, to reduce the risk of not being able to see certain colours and in turn making a task more challenging.

Let LED lights, light up your life

As mentioned before, lighting in the workplace is a key factor to productivity levels. Just because you need LED lighting in the workplace, doesn’t mean lighting has to be all work and no play. Our vintage LED bulbs are stylish yet cost-effective and eco-friendly. Why not combine the LED lighting which allows a space to be bright, alongside some retro and stylish pendants to make the workplace feel more homely and on trend, which in turn helps to increase creativity? Whether it be wall lights or ceiling pendants, we love mixing and matching!

Industrial lighting in an office cafe

Brooklyn ES E27 Bulb Holder – Pewter, £10.00. Retro Large Pendant - 17 Inch – Pewter, £89.00, by Industville (Image supplied by MARIS INTERIORS - PROJECT - PRODUCT MADDNESS @MarisInteriors)

Channel Your Inner Google

Say goodbye to the traditional, corporate office and hello to the casual, modern office. With the likes of Google and Facebook changing the face of office culture for the better. Google offers customisable workstations, allowing every space to be accessible to staff. Not only being able to move workstations every hour if you’d like; Google is also a pet-friendly zone, meaning there could be just as many dogs in the office than there are people!

Pool table in office with retro lighting

Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant - 24 Inch – Pewter, £119.00, by Industville (Image supplied by COEL Project - Jagex, Cambridge)

In Cambridge, there has been a shift in businesses favouring luxury office amenities rather than low rented spaces. Jagex’s office boasts a large canteen, games room and pool table amongst its list of amenities. Jagex mixed and matched a few of our vintage industrial lights to create a workplace that is on trend, yet still is practical and meets health and safety regulations. 

Working 9-5 is no longer just the norm; many workplaces are now incorporating flexible working hours meaning many offices are embracing the change and creating workspaces that have a more homely vibe. Which in turn enables staff to get their creative juices flowing. Even if you’re working from home, there is still a need to create a space that will boost your work dynamics.

Small Budget? No Problem

Big budgets aren’t needed to create the perfect, modern workspace. Industrial style aesthetics are still very much on trend and take advantage of exposed areas and raw materials on offer. There is no need to break the bank, spending money on fancy wallpaper or a builder. It’s the finishing touches that make the industrial style trend still relevant years on.

The right colour scheme can make or break a space; you want to create a warm and welcoming interior whilst also maintaining a professional outlook. The workplace should be a place where you feel comfortable but not too relaxed, because work still needs to be done, no matter how many dogs are roaming around!

Lighting is a crucial element in the workplace, it not only can complement the colour scheme, it’s also vital for productivity levels. Yellow toned bulbs can make some colours and writing difficult to see, so make sure to decide carefully.

Retro lighting over an office bar

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant – Brass, £159.00, by Industville (Image supplied by MARIS INTERIORS - PROJECT - Vevo  @MarisInteriors)

Spruce up Your Home Office

With more and more people opting for freelance or flexible working, it’s important to have not only a functional office but also a stylish one that inspires you to do the best work. Working from home gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your workspace, using art that inspires you or adding plants to create a greener area. Light plays a vital role in home offices; a well-lit office is needed so you don’t end up falling asleep at your desk!

Pastel coloured modern home office with balloon cage light

Brooklyn Balloon Cage – 6 Inch – Copper, £79.00, by Industville. (Image supplied by The Paper Partnership)

Bringing nature into the home office

Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant - 24 Inch – Pewter, £119.00, by Industville. (Image supplied by Interior Editorial Feature As Featured in Homes & Gardens Magazine, July 2016 issue)

You don’t need a lot of space to create a comfortable yet functional workspace. If your home office is on the small side, our 3 or 4-inch pendants are perfect at making use of the little space you have without having an overpowering feature or one of our retro stools help to add a more industrial feel to a space that may not be typically industrial.

Modern home office with beautiful furnishings

Cooper Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 34 Inch, £139.00, by Industville. (Image supplied by @newbuilthome)

Modern office with chic stool

Cooper Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 34 Inch, £139.00, by Industville. (Image supplied by @newbuilthome)

We hope this gave you more of an insight into the workplace trends of today. We love seeing your images, share them with us on by tagging us on Instagram - @industville – or using the hashtag #industville. Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team here at Industville, who are always more than happy to help.