Let Our New Range Light Up Your Bathroom And Garden

Let Our New Range Light Up Your Bathroom And Garden

Think about where your favourite place to relax in your home is. Would it be in the bath, filled with bubbles and a glass of red? Or sitting in your garden, with the BBQ going, taking in the fresh air with a cold beer? It’s that time of year when the nights are getting darker and the days are getting colder. When all we want to do when we get home is immerse ourselves in a hot bath or enjoy the crisp evenings in the garden.

Our new range is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited! We aimed to have the stylish design of our lights available for all weather conditions, and our stylish Brooklyn range is the answer to all problems. We created this range because of your amazing requests and your need for stylish waterproof lighting, suitable for any space. The waterproof and weatherproof range is suitable for any conditions, meaning it’s perfect for outdoors and bathrooms. Our lights are all set for the rainy months ahead, and the prolonged time you’ll be spending in the warmth of your bathroom this autumn and winter! If you want to have continuous style for your indoor and outdoor spaces, read on to find out why our new range is perfect for you.

Glass industrial lights above bathroom sink

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @cornercottagedesign)

Splashing Around In The Bathroom

As we head into the colder months, we tend to spend longer in the bathroom, one of the warmest rooms in the house. More than a third of household injuries take place in the bathroom, so a well-lit bathroom is vital to avoid any slips or trips. The lights in our bathrooms should be positioned to show any areas which are prone to slipperiness; our Brooklyn range is waterproof, meaning you can splash them as much as you like.

Industrial style lights in bathroom

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Almaluna Interiors)

Metallic accents have taken over interior design this year and are set to continue into 2019. Our range comes in all of our colours, allowing you to select which metallic finish you wish, whether this is brass, pewter or copper. We’re sure one of our waterproof lights will complement your bathroom interior perfectly.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, the right lighting will create the perfect atmosphere. If your bathroom is on the small size, fixating two lights either side of a mirror can give the illusion of a more spacious room. It’s all about maximising the space you have, and industrial lights are the ideal way to do this.

If you have the luxury of a spacious bathroom, the world is your oyster! Why not combine different lights for the ultimate atmosphere. Wall lights are the perfect way to illuminate a mirror and create the perfect dressing room, while a pendant is a seamless way to light up your bathtub, giving the picture-perfect amount of light to immerse yourselves in a new book.

Industrial lights in a chic bathroom

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @cornercottagedesign)

Best not forget the regulations surrounding bathroom lighting, we have lights that are IP20, IP44 and IP65 rated. Depending on where you want to place your lights, will change the IP rating that your light will require. If you’re unsure of which IP rating you require, check out our handy diagram below and contact us if you need any advice!

Lighting bathroom IP diagram

Make The Most Of The Darker Days

As the darker days are setting in, reliable outdoor lighting is needed for you to make the most of the crisp mornings and evenings. Before we know it, kids will be knocking on our doors for Halloween treats, and we’ll be celebrating bonfire night with sparklers and an autumn BBQ. Without a good lighting source, your options are limited.

Choosing lights for your outdoor space is just as important as choosing the ones for inside, outdoor lighting not only illuminates our gardens, but they also provide security. You want to create a magical outdoor area to wow your guests and make the most of the space you have.

Chic industrial lights outside pub

Brooklyn Outdoor Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by The Falcon, Littleborough)

Depending on where you live, or how much outdoor space you have, the type of light you’ll need will change. If you have limited outdoor space, a light or two near your front or back door will be the perfect way to illuminate the space you have and make coming home in the dark, a lot easier.

If you have a larger outdoor space, you’ll need more vintage external lighting to make the most of your garden. You can incorporate different types of lights, from wall lights to pendants; there will be something for everyone in our new range. You will want to carefully consider where you’d like to place your lights in order to accentuate different aspects, for instance, if you have a new patio with the perfect dining area, you’ll want to highlight this area.

Industrial style lights, lighting up a patio

Bulkhead Round Wall Light/ Flush Mount – 8 Inch – Gunmental, by Industville

Light transforms any area, from being dull and unwelcoming to an inviting, magical space. Once you’ve got outdoor lights, you’ll never be able to go back! Our new range doesn’t rust as they’ve got a protective lacquer layer on them to ensure they stay unchanged, meaning you won’t have to imagine your outdoor area without lights again. 

Safety First, Style Second!

It is essential to make sure you’re using the correct lighting and light bulbs, especially in areas prone to being exposed to extreme conditions, such as our bathrooms and outdoor areas. Here are our three tips, which you should consider when installing lights in these areas:

  1. Is the lighting fixture suitable for where you want it placed? It’s vital to ensure that the fixture you want in your bathroom or outdoor areas are suitable to handle extreme conditions and whether they are water/weatherproof.
  2. Have you selected the right lightbulb and wattage? It’s essential you use the correct wattage and lightbulb that is intended for the fixture. If you use an incorrect wattage, your light is at risk of overheating and causing a fire.
  3. Is your light going to be in a hard to reach area? We recommended using bulbs with extended lifespans to save you having to change the lightbulbs frequently and having to reach these difficult areas.

Copper toned outside lights

Brooklyn Outdoor Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Copper, by Industville 

Our Brooklyn range has been put to the test to ensure each and every one of our collection can withhold the conditions that it’s meant to. We always provide the correct wattage that is needed with our lights (which can be found in our packaging or on our website) and supply a variety of bulbs that have extended lifespans, so you can shop and know that we have everything covered! 

Weatherproof outdoor lights

Brooklyn Outdoor Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Copper, by Industville

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration on how to keep the industrial style look going throughout your home or business, from your bathroom, all the way to your garden! If you need some inspiration for your bathroom décor, explore our top bathroom trends for 2018. Outdoor lighting is difficult to master, if you need some tips, you can read one of our old blogs about outdoor lighting here. As ever, if you require some help, don’t hesitate to contact our team – we are always more than happy to help! It makes our day seeing your lights in action; you can tag us on Instagram - @industville – or by using the hashtag #Industville.