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Lighting Design Ideas For Any Traditional, Country Or Cottage Kitchen

Traditional kitchen lighting ideas

Nobody likes eating in the dark unless you are a big fan of Dans Le Noir. 
When choosing your dining room lighting, there’s not only style to consider, but practicality too.
Is your space big enough for a statement light? How bright should the light be? Is the ceiling low or high? What’s the size of other design elements in your space? 


Size Matters
First things first, a size matters.
When choosing your kitchen/dining area lighting firstly you should consider the size of your dining table.
You want your dining room lighting to compliment the space and to shed light on those swanky starters and illuminate cosy family dinners. 
Lighting should also be in proportion with other furniture and accessories within the space.
For six to eight seaters table go for a statement light, pendant clusters or 3-5 pendants in a line over the table. For smaller or roundtables, go for singular pendants or smaller ceiling lights.
It is important to also consider the size and shape of your room. 
If your space is closed consider flush mounts to avoid cluttering your room. If you have an open space plan, choose pendant lights to fill out the space.

Ambience and atmosphere are important, and it will vary from kitchen to dining area. Kitchen area should be bright so you don’t mix up sugar and salt, whereas your dining area can be warmer to create a cosier ambience.



Say no to matchy - matchy
Texture and contrast play a big role in impacting the overall style of your space. You don’t want it to be too monotonous. 
If you have an industrial space choose something more romantic such as the Industville Glass Dome or Glass Cone Pendant which will add soft lines and contrast to your space. 
If your dining furniture is rustic timber we suggest large metallic pendants like the Industville Brooklyn Antique Flat Industrial Pendant Light - Brass - 15 inch and Brooklyn Vintage Step Metal Pendant.
For a glass dining table, we suggest clean style lines with matte metal shades for some industrial glamour. Industville’s Old Factory Pendant and Brooklyn Dome are a perfect choice and will look equally good in pairing with swanky marble kitchen tops. 


To bare or not to bare?
To give your space a vintage vibe be selective with your pendant choice. Industville sleek Edison pendants and Balloon Cages with exposed filament bulbs will give an industrial, vintage feel to your space. This works particularly well with a minimalistic style.
Whichever pendant you chose there is a Vintage - Style bulb to suit. Vintage LED bulbs will complement the style of the lighting while they are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and fantastic alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs



Dinner for 1?
A single small pendant or ceiling light can still be a show stopper and is perfect for smaller spaces. If you want to make a statement go for an oversized light, or for a more vintage vibe double up your pendants by clustering them over your table.



Final Say
A well-designed space requires lighting made from good quality materials. Poor materials can undermine your design so always seek for the quality, there are many products to choose from at reasonable prices. All Industville products handcrafted and finished using traditional hand finishing techniques giving you the opportunity to create a beautiful ambience in your room and an edge to your final look.

Are you proud of your kitchen project? We would love to see it. Please send your images to [email protected]

Image credits: In-toto Kitchens, Loughton; Kitchen project submission by Egle; Sarah Sammut; David Chapmen; Castaway Port Isaac, Cornwall; Amelia Wilson Interiors; Kelly Ohlmus; Chalet Belvedere, Chatel Portes du Soleil FRANCE - Project by MAKE SPACE DESIGNS; Inglis Hall & Co; 'SOHO' at JJ Studios; Burley Manor - Benjamin Harcom Photography; Amy Williams and Martin Lee.

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