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7 Romantic Interior Design Ideas

The season of love is upon us and romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. Creating a romantic feel in your interiors all year round helps to create a cosy atmosphere which you look forward to going home to and end up falling more in love with each and every day. Whether you want modern romantic interior design or classic contemporary, Vintage industrial lighting is the perfect way to create a romantic feel in any interior, whether it’s for your home or business. We’re going to look at seven ways you can add a romantic element into your interior design and look at some gift ideas - let us inspire you!

Incorporate Romantic Red

When you think of romance and Valentine’s, the colour that first springs to mind is red. The colour can be difficult to work with as it’s bold. However, red emits passion, drama and energy, and can work incredibly well in interiors. The unconventionally beautiful and fiery colour works best in rooms that embrace its boldness. Red can be incredibly intense, so it’s key to ensure you get a good balance between dramatic and overpowering.

Red bathroom interior design ideas

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Sconce Wall Light – 12 Inch – Gunmetal, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Sturman and Co. Interior Design Studio - @bess_designs - @photokathryn)

Opt For Subtleness

Vintage charm is being incorporated into interiors even more these days and adding a few antiques transports us back to the elegant past. If you’re unsure whether a complete vintage look is for you, touches of vintage such as our range of vintage lights, which come in three metallic finishes and a variety of styles, can work wonders. Each of our lights is uniquely, handcrafted using high-quality materials and when placed in any interior give a retro edge. For a modern yet elegant bedroom, opt for pale pink blush shades which won’t date and look consistently refreshing.

Bedroom interior design ideas

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Copper, £89, by Industville (Image supplied by @marks_and_rowe_interiors)

Opposites Attract

Contrasting different shades and textures is the perfect way to create a unique interior which you’re proud of. Contrasting elements in your interior design creates a dynamic space which is both bold and relaxing at the same time. Whether you do this by contrasting rich toned colours such as moss green with pastel pink, woven textures with faux fur rugs or brass and pewter lights, all of these combinations work in perfect unison when paired together to create a picture-perfect interior!

Cosy corner interior inspiration

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @Archer.t.j)

Go Pretty With Pink

If a luxurious, chic interior is what you’re lusting after, you can’t go wrong with pastel pink! The soft blush palette has grey undertones which have a soothing effect and give off a sense of sophistication and romance. If you want a subtle hint of powder pink, place pink toned accessories such as pillows, posters and copper lights to emit the perfect amount of cosiness. If you want to make a statement, painting your walls pink can create a super-calming and restful effect, making it the perfect colour for bedroom interiors.

Pink bedroom interior design

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Copper, £29, by Industville (Image supplied by @nicnoble)

Keep It Classic

Romance isn’t limited to just red or pink. However, it’s suggested that you keep a fairly limited palette so that you don’t overpower your interior. The most common colours used to create a romantic atmosphere include pastel peaches, captivating greys, blush pinks and creamy whites, but you can incorporate any colour you wish to create a unique interior that reflects your personality. When romanticising your interior, opting for the contemporary classic colours allows you to add in darker hues or bright colours with your accessories.

Contemporary bedroom interior

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @the_indigo_house)

Create Cosy Corners

At the end of a long day, retreating to a cosy space in your home or a commercial space allows you to switch off, relax and unwind. A cosy space in your home is a place you can read a book or cuddle up and watch a romantic film and, in a commercial space, allows customers to catch up with friends in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you lack space, then creating a cosy corner also has the same effect. Our glass pendant lights and vintage bulbs are perfectly placed in a cosy area, emitting a seamless amount of romantic light to relax in!

It’s All In The Details

Finishing touches can either make or break an interior; you are wanting to opt for accessories that work seamlessly with your chosen style. Plants and greenery are the perfect finishing touch in any interior as they make your home vibrant, bring a sense of happiness and create a relaxing mood. Restaurants and bars are places where couples are likely to find love, so it makes sense for them to create interiors that emit romantic vibes. Pair vintage-style pendants with greenery for a look that creates the perfect atmosphere for couples to fall in love.

Cosy restaurant interior design

Brooklyn Step Pendant – 16 Inch – Pewter, £104, by Industville (Image supplied by Restoran Juur)

For retail interiors such as wedding shops, it’s vital to create romantic interiors with a dreamy atmosphere that reminds brides as to why they fell in love in the first place! Our pink flex five wire lights look incredible in The White Collections boutique bridal shop. We can’t get enough of the floral wall paired with the copper tones - how romantic!

Floral wall bridal shop interior design

Sleek Ceiling Rose – 5 Outlet – Copper, £18, Sleek Ceiling Rose – 7 Outlet – Copper, £25, Brooklyn ES E27 Bulb Holder – Copper, £10, & Pale Pink Round Fabric Flex – Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, by Industville (Image supplied by The White Collection Bridal - @thewhitecollection)

Say It With Art

Nothing shows that you care more than a gift, whether this is in the form of a voucher, an industrial light or a unique piece of art. Gifting your loved one with artwork is the perfect way to show them you care as art is unique to each individual but it’s also a long lasting gift that your loved one will be able to treasure forever!

If you’re unsure what your significant other would like, why not give them the gift of a voucher? It allows them to select something they love if you aren't sure. Our gift vouchers are customisable, so you can gift them any amount you wish.

Vintage lights and artwork go hand in hand, so combine them both for the most original Valentine’s gift. The walls of our showroom are home to some incredible and unique pieces of art from aspiring artists, and when combined with our industrial lights, create the most iconic and original interior. Why not gift your loved one with the both?

Romantic style interiors create the perfect cosy abode, allowing you to relax and unwind, and is what interior design should be all about. We hope that our simple tips and gift ideas have inspired you. If you need more inspiration, why not head over to our Pinterest page and get fully immersed into all things interior? There’s one last thing to say… Happy Valentine’s!