University Interiors We Wouldn’t Mind Going Back To

University Interiors We Wouldn’t Mind Going Back To

It’s that time of year again where the kids are flying the nest to university. A stressful time for both students and parents, having to adjust to new places, new people and getting back into the swing of learning. It is essential for universities to have social spaces for students to interact with one another. With universities leaving the old look behind and incorporating a more modern, open-space environment in social areas, interior design is key. In this blog, we are going to explore the ways in which interior décor is important for university spaces, and we speak to Chris Robinson of Rydan Electrical Services Ltd about his project with Anglia Ruskin University.

Modern Over Old School

Gone are the days of old-school rows of desks and dull interiors, educational establishments are starting to incorporate modern interiors in order to create a more welcoming environment which helps to spark productivity and inspire students. Social spaces such as libraries, student unions, canteens, coffee shops and so on, should all strive to welcome students and staff and boost productivity. A study from the University of Salford found that a well-designed classroom can increase learning by up to 16%, factors that can affect the way students learn include; colour, light and air quality. 

Vintage lights hanging over social spaces in a university

Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant – 5 Inch – Pewter – Cylinder, by Industville (Image supplied by The Oval, ULiving, University of Hertfordshire @UniofHerts Designer G and T Interiors Ltd @gandt_interiors)

Let’s Get Sociable

Interior design isn’t just about creating a visually appealing space; it is about creating a space students feel relaxed and are happy to be in. Studying no longer takes place in just the library or inside lecture halls, and Universities have seen a rise in students ask for more social spaces.

Modern social space in an office

Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant – 24 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by COEL - Project - Jagex, Cambridge - @COELfitou)

Universities are meant to be a social place, due to the nature of students moving somewhere new, interior design should encourage students to spend longer on campus, interacting with one another. A poorly designed space will discourage socialising, meaning students are less likely to spend time in these places and interact with other students. In previous years, interior design has not portrayed this message; however, universities are starting to notice the need for change in their interior design to allow students the chance to socialise more, while on campus. 

Let Our Lights Improve Your Mood

Lighting effects the way we read and see colours, if the space lacks natural lighting then good artificial lighting is needed. It’s been found that replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED ones, has increased productivity. It should be noted that different social spaces require different levels of light; in exam halls, for example, lighting should be brighter to enable students to see more clearly. Whereas in the Students Union bar, lighting should be dimmed to allow students to feel more relaxed and at ease, which will enable them to communicate easier.

Industrial lights over a university bar

Orlando Wire Cage Pendant – 4 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image Supplied by Benchmark Designs Oxford Project - Top Golf)

Lights in universities do not need to be dull, incorporating retro lights into your interior will add an industrial edge to the modernised interior trend that is taking over. 

What Makes A Good Place Of Study?

Other than the obvious, it has been suggested that interior design and the layout of an educational establishment can affect children’s academic performance in the early years by up to 25%. The better designed a space is, the more it will inspire productivity, and in turn, positively affect academic performance.

The study by The University of Salford gathered their data from schools; however, the learnings can be translated to other educational establishments, including universities. Universities are designed to have all the resources students need to complete their studies; therefore, well-designed study spaces will encourage students to spend more time on campus, with easy access to all they’ll need to successfully complete their degrees.

Industrial style lights in a university social space

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Pewter & Copper, and Sleek Edison Pendant – 1 Wire – Cooper, by Industville (Image Supplied by The Oval, ULiving, University of Hertfordshire @UniofHerts Designer G and T Interiors Ltd @gandt_interiors)

Learn Some Special Tips From Our Expert Chris Robinson Of Rydan Electrical  

Chris Robinson works for Rydan Electrical Services Ltd, who have extensive experience with University makeovers. They’ve recently worked with Anglia Ruskin University, and we wanted to find out a little bit more about their work on the renovation and take a sneak peek at their social spaces.

Anglia Ruskin University study space interior

Brooklyn Flat Pendant – 15 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Rydan Electrical Services Ltd - Project - Anglia Ruskin University co Overbury - @AngliaRuskin)

What Was The Aim Of The Renovation At Anglia Ruskin University?

The aim was to completely change the student area of the university and remodel it from two separate floors to one open floor space, which will make it more attractive for the students. It was a complete remodel, and the objective was to make the space more inviting and attractive to students.

Why Did You Choose Industville Lighting?

The whole interior was changed to a more industrial rustic vibe with exposed metal and timber, and Industville lighting complemented this look giving it a cosier feel.

How Easy Where The Lights To Install?

All of the lighting from Industville were extremely easy to install, we had no issues at all.

Industrial style lights and neon lights over a study space

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Rydan Electrical Services Ltd - Project - Anglia Ruskin University co Overbury - @AngliaRuskin)

Would You Recommend Industville Lighting To Other Universities, And Why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend them especially for the student areas where the students spend a lot of time, as you want those areas to be stylish and inviting. All the lights from Industville make the space look fresher in an interior which any student would be happy to spend time in.

Retro lighting in a social space

Brooklyn Flat Pendant – 15 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Rydan Electrical Services Ltd - Project - Anglia Ruskin University co Overbury - @AngliaRuskin)

How Important Is The Interior Of Universities?

I think it is very important to have an inviting place where students feel relaxed and are also able to socialise. It’s vital to have a space on campus that lets them get to know each other and form friendships.

Vintage lighting in a social space

Brooklyn Dome Flush Mount, 13 Inch – Pewter & Copper and Brooklyn Giant Dome Pendant – 23.5 Inch – Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by COEL - Project - Jagex, Cambridge - @COELfitou)

We love seeing our lights in action! The industrial lights add the perfect rustic feel to Anglia Ruskin University, completely transforming the look. We hope that this blog has given you a better knowledge of the interior design in Universities, and how aesthetics can affect our productivity levels and the way we communicate. If you need any advice or help, don’t hesitate to contact our approachable team. We love seeing your images; whether these be in universities, restaurants, bars or homes, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - @industville – or by using the hashtag #Industville.