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How To Choose The Right Lighting

When it comes to interiors, most people spend a lot of time choosing the perfect furniture, deliberating over cushions, curtains and bedding, and arranging prints and photographs on the wall – but the thing a lot of people forget to consider is lighting. Whether it’s the bedroom where you rest, or the lounge where you entertain, the right lighting design can take a room from being dull, uninspiring and cold to bright, cheerful and relaxing – and it’s easier than you think. We’ve put together a short guide to choosing the right vintage style lighting for several different rooms in your house, which will help you to sort your lamps from your overheads, and give your home the finishing touches it deserves.

The Bedroom

The overriding theme in the bedroom should be one of relaxation; whether you like to finish the day getting lost in a good book, or cosying up with the latest TV series in bed, you want to be able to forget the worries of the day and feel totally at peace. But while the bed might be comfortable, if you don’t have the right lighting, you won’t be able to relax; too bright and you won’t be able to relax, too dull and you won’t be able to see the print on the page. 

A great idea is to forget overhead lighting, and instead add several desk and floor lamps instead; our Large Atelier Vintage Table Lamp has a great retro industrial style, and would look great in any vintage themed bedroom; not only can you fully angle the head, but it can also be removed and hung on the wall as a wall lamp – they really don’t come much more versatile than that! 

If you don’t happen to have a table or shelf by your bed, a great alternative is to opt for wall lights instead; our Double Vintage Adjustable Swivel Wall Spotlight is great for placing above the bed – both lamps can be directed completely independently, so they’re great for reading and watching TV in bed.

The Lounge

While you might want your bedroom to be relaxing, the lounge is somewhere that is probably going to need slightly stronger lighting; from watching TV, to reading, homework and hobbies, this is the place where it all happens. Accessorise a retro style room with some cleverly placed industrial style lighting, and you’ll find you have the perfect space to entertain both yourself and others; for general lighting, opt for a statement shade in a bright colour, such as our Giant Industrial Metal Pendant Bar Light in Orange suspended from the ceiling with a large, chunky chain, this is a real standout piece and will provide a focal point for the room.


For lighting with a little more direction, add a large floor lamp in the corner; our Signal Ship Spotlight Floor Lamp is a beautiful vintage piece which not only looks great but is also wonderfully practical – with both adjustable head and height, you can angle the lamp in whichever direction you like, choosing between a strong beam for crafts and reading, or a more diffused lighting for the whole room.

The Study

The one place where lighting really matters on a practical level is the home study; if you spend a lot of time either concentrating on practical projects or staring at a computer screen, it’s important to have the right light so you don’t damage your eyes. Directional lights such as desk lamps or table lamps are ideal, particularly if you work as an artist or crafter and need to see small details; our Clip On Table Lamp the perfect choice, as it has all the flexibility of a normal desk lamp, but can be moved anywhere in the room and clipped on to any solid surface, while wall lamps like the Cone Shaped Angled Retro Wall Lamp provide extra illumination with a specially designed shade that directs the light where you need it most.

To add a quirky antique touch to your office, our Rusty Wire Cage Pendant Lights make a great talking point and also provide enough light to illuminate the whole room – ideal if you want general lighting rather than something more directional.



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