Industrial inspired bathroom decor with brass wall lights

Japandi – The Emerging Interior Design Trend

Make way for the rapidly growing interior trend, Japandi, which is described as a mix of the modern-esque vibe of Scandi décor paired with the elegant Japanese style. Both of the trends work seamlessly together, with their simple lines and minimalistic essence, there’s no wonder why this is an emerging trend. This beautiful décor style can easily be brought into your home or commercial décor, read on to find out how to embrace it!

Bring Nature In

Both Japanese and Scandi interiors look to embrace natural beauty, and the perfect way to get an essence of this in your interior is by bringing the outdoors in. Think about adding plants into your décor; not only do they look beautiful, but plants circulate oxygen around the room, helping to uplift the mood.

As well as incorporating plants, Japandi interiors look to bring a tranquil sense; this can be done by focusing on raw materials, such as brass. Our lighting range utilises raw materials and allows you to bring a vintage edge into any room the lights are placed.

Industrial inspired bathroom decor with plants and vintage wall light

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @fj_interiors)

Contrast It

One of the main style points of Japandi is contrasting the darker tones of Japanese interiors with the lighter tones of the Scandi style. By contrasting colours, you have the ability to add depth to the room, creating something truly beautiful. Add some contrast into your interiors by opting for retro pendant lighting in our pewter and copper colours, our two-toned lights add the perfect contrast, being warm yet elegant.

Kitchen interior with dark cabinets and pewter pendants

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Resi)

Keep It Sleek

Less is most definitely more when it comes to Japandi. The idea of this interior trend is to create a calm and clean look and to do this; it’s essential to stick to clean lines. It’s about stripping interiors back and thinking about functionality and simplicity. Don’t overcrowd your interior, keep it minimalistic and select pieces which truly speak your personality.

Bringing bold colours together with the handcrafted pendants along with darker wood tones, the simple lines in this dining room interior rings true to the Japandi trend.

Japandi inspired dining room interior with handcrafted pendant lights

Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 11 Inch – Round, by Industville (Image supplied by @cocoonandbauer)

The way to add the perfect accessory to complement your minimalistic interior is by incorporating some sleek and beautiful lighting; our range of sleek lights work seamlessly with this style. Our Sleek Edison Wall Light in copper contrasts beautifully with the clean lines of this cosy living room!

Industrial inspired living room decor with exposed brick wall and brass wall light

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @sailorandscout)

Texture It Up

The foundations of the room should be kept clean and straightforward; however, textures will bring warmth and a sense of your personality into the room. The Japanese are known for adding beautiful patterns into their interiors, and Scandinavians are known for adding depth into their decors through accessories. Combine the two to create a seamless décor, to add texture into this simplistic bathroom interior; a patterned splashback was added to add depth – simple, elegant and beautiful!

Pink bathroom decor with standing plant, patterned splashback tiles and vintage wall light

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Marks and Rowe Interiors)

The bedroom is one of the rooms in which you want to add texture in order to create a cosy atmosphere. Combining textured wall panels, patterned bedding and our Orlando wall lights, this bedroom is truly elegant!

Grey bedroom interior with textured bedding and orlando wall lights

Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light - 4 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @seaandwander)

Another way to add texture is by incorporating wall art, for the Japandi trend, it’s about selecting a few statement pieces to add texture to your walls. We dedicate our showroom walls to unique pieces of art from aspiring artists; it’s about selecting unique pieces which will bring a sense of your personality into your interior. The beautiful and bold range of art we have featured on our site will allow you to bring texture into your interiors.

Make A Bold Yet Minimalistic Statement

Simple, functional and impactful; Japandi interiors focus on decluttered spaces. Every accessory or furniture item is carefully chosen to have a purpose and make a bold statement. The perfect way to make a bold and beautiful statement is by incorporating industrial lights, our range of lights make a bold statement while complementing any interior style, whether this is in your home interior or a commercial setting.

Combining darker tones which are seen in Japanese interiors with the industrial vibes of Scandi, a trio of our pewter pendants look incredible placed over this kitchen island, making use of clean lines.

Dark kitchen interior with pewter pendants hanging over worktop

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 8 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by in-toto Kitchens Loughton)

Grove Beer Tap & Grill in Liverpool have got the Japandi style down to a tee. Bringing nature in, focusing on dark natural elements, keeping it simplistic yet beautiful. Our handcrafted pendants look seamless placed around the restaurant, creating the perfect atmosphere for diners!

Grove beer and tap Liverpool restaurant interior with greenery and industrial lights

Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 9 Inch – Cone, by Industville (Image supplied by Grove Beer Tap & Grill – by Snook Architects)

Invest In Your Interior

As this trend is about being minimalistic, it’s essential to invest in high-quality pieces. The Japanese and Scandi have a shared love of beauty in interiors, focusing on bringing authentic natural materials in with handcrafted and unique accessories. We understand the need for high-quality and unique items; all of our products are uniquely handcrafted and complement any interior. If you can’t quite find the light to suit your interior, we also offer a bespoke design service, allowing your vision to come to life!

We cannot get enough of the Japandi trend! It’s the perfect décor style to make your own, focusing on textures and natural elements. The trend will look seamless in both home interiors and commercial spaces, this emerging trend will be taking over the interior world soon! Have you incorporated any of these Japandi features in your home? We’d love to see your photos – tag us on Instagram - @Indusvtille – or by using our hashtag - #Industville.

 Featured Image Credit: Sturman & Co. Interior Design Studio. @bess_designs