Top 10 Living Room Trends for 2020

The place where you go to relax, the sanctuary that awaits you after a long day at work, the living room is arguably the room where we spend most of our waking time at home. For this reason, it must be a place where we can thoroughly unwind, whether catching up on the latest box set or turning the pages of a great book.

The living room is a place in which we create memories with family and friends, so having a functional and beautiful interior can often be a tricky balance to strike, along with having a style that can stand the test of time.

To provide some inspiration, we have curated our favourite trends for 2020 that you can implement in your living room to create the perfect space for everyone at home.

Introduce Structured Simplicity into Your Home

Structured Simplicity is such a versatile trend that can really be bent and shaped to your own individual style. The underpinning aspect of this trend is creating an interior which focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that everything has a place and is there for a reason.

It could mean that you opt for white walls, wooden floors and French windows. Alternatively, you could choose block sofas, muted colours and to take advantage of strong architectural shapes within the home. This trend is not simple or dull, but instead provides your space with a desired focus and direction.

Whether you choose to opt for subtle wall lights or central hanging pendants, choosing lights with a metallic finish will add texture to your space and harmonise with other natural materials such as wood. 

Commercial living space with industrial lighting

Swan Neck Round Wall Light – 11 Inch – Brass, £89, & Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch – Brass, £69 by Industville (Image supplied by Co-Living Spaces Sackville Road)

This interior makes use of both industrial wall lights and pendants to synchronise the room. By providing task lighting at the back of the room, this contrasts beautifully with the more subtle ambient lighting in the seating area. 

Create a Classic Interior with Navy Blue

With 2020’s Pantone Colour of the Year being classic blue, there really is no better time to begin incorporating this shade into your interior. With lots of interior designers and interior design brands showcasing their unique take on spaces styled around this colour, inspiration is never far away.

This colour is a versatile and sophisticated shade, adding class and style to any space that incorporates it. When pairing accessories and fittings with this shade, consider implementing Brass or Copper Lighting to create a dual-tone style. These shining examples will create a complementary colour scheme that will stand the test of time.

Blue living room interior with exposed brick wall and industrial lighting

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Brass, £89, by Industville (Image supplied by Hannah Stevenson hanngrenade__ @hannsol0_)

Our subtle Brass and Copper Wall Lights work perfectly with interiors that have used classic blue. These shades can balance the room and create a calming, relaxing space.

Add a Splash of Colour and Get Abstract

Why not go wild with your interior design and create a space with funky colours and a unique personal style? Using bright colours can breathe life into a previously dull interior and elevate the entire room. Using strong primary shades of blue, yellow and red will provide adequate contrast while balancing out the style of the room.

Colourful living room interior with coloured wall art

Brooklyn Giant Step Pendant - 18 Inch - Pewter, £89 by Industville (Image Supplied by Parker and Gibbs)

Why not combine this unique style with a central piece of artwork to tie the room together? Whether you want to create a dark, moody, abstract space using darker shades or a bright interior with pops of colour, we have a unique piece to suit your space.

Phoenix Rising III By Tanja Hassel

Phoenix Rising III By Tanja Hassel

You could choose an artwork piece to complement your industrial lighting, matching shades and tones. Alternatively, this could contrast your fittings, highlighting the difference in colours and creating a bold visual experience.

Strike a Pose with a High-Contrast Interior

Much like an abstract space, interiors that incorporate high-contrast styles really stand out and for all the right reasons. Interior design experts know that a room’s first impression is vital, with some spaces making you need to catch your breath. With high-contrast interiors, the room will incorporate visually striking elements while still fitting together in one consistent style. And, for rooms that fall flat aesthetically, often it feels as if something is missing.

Blue living room interior with industrial wall light

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Brass, £29, by Industville (Image Supplied by @off_the_wall_interiors)

The secret ingredient which defines these spaces is contrast and the effective use of this. Used correctly, this foundational design principle can inject a huge dose of visual interest into a space, creating something both eye-catching and complementary.

Whether you’ve chosen to have a dark or light interior, our metallic lighting will provide the perfect colour contrast. The darker Pewter shades stand out from the lighter colours within a room, whereas the brighter Brass and Copper tones strike out from a darker background shade.

Create a Relaxed Style with Laid-back Luxury

When putting together our interiors, it’s easy to forget that these spaces will be used and lived in daily. They should be functional spaces, almost feeling alive; constantly changing and adapting. Interiors should not be rigid and formal spaces, like a museum, instead, offering a room for relaxed living.

Open plan kitchen and living area with copper globe pendants

The Globe Collection Pendant – Copper, from £99, by Industville (Image supplied by @lime_lace -

Take Note From The Experts

“We’re noticing that interior design seems to be loosening up, that tastemakers seem less concerned with creating spaces that are models of perfectly good taste and are pushing boundaries in ways they hadn’t before, even at the very high end”. This quote from New York-based 1stdibs editorial director and director of fine art, Anthony Barzilay, speaks to the sentiment of not having a show-home style space but creating something with a more relaxed feel.

Modern life’s pressures can often be a considerable strain; therefore, people are increasingly looking to their homes as places of sanctuary. Especially during the colder months of the year, with much fewer opportunities to socialise outside, our homes become the default place for us to spend our time. This is encouraging designers to create something that looks habitable, rather than formal, building environments with soothing and comforting qualities.

Find Comfort in a Monochromatic Style

Monochrome colours suggest strength and boldness with unabashed intention. When creating a space using a monochromatic theme, texture becomes your paintbrush as you look to create a diverse palette of materials and finishes.

Blue living room interior with industrial lighting

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch - Pewter & Copper, £99 by Industville (Image Supplied by @rickybaileycom)

For lighter rooms, our lighting can provide welcome contrast while offering a handcrafted, metallic texture along with posing as a central focal point. Using our pewter fittings can work with grey and silver monochrome interior spaces, cascading light across your living room.

Make Velvet Your New Crush

Straight from the catwalk and into the living room, velvet is very much the ‘in’ thing of the moment. This is a truly versatile fabric, with numerous applications and styles available to choose from. Maybe you could introduce some crushed velvet pillows or eye-catching upholstered walls; there are few places that this fabric isn’t at home.

White living room with blue velvet sofa and industrial lights

Sleek Large Edison Pendant - 1 Wire – Brass, £39, by Industville (Image supplied by @oakappledecor)

Velvet has become one of the most-searched-for fabrics of all, hardly surprising with the surge in popularity and variety of options available. From subtle additions such as pillows and throws to making substantial changes such as sofas and chairs, velvet is something we expect to see lots more of over the coming months.

With velvet providing a valuable variety of texture, why not take it one step further by introducing a metallic finish with industrial lighting? With Brass, Pewter and Copper available in our range, the unique, handcrafted finish provides a valuable contrast to the velvet texture.

Go Big and Go Home with Maximalism Interiors

Honoured as a style that you simply can’t mess up, maximalism delivers big style and lush colours in its design. This unique trend turns its back on other styles by encouraging the accumulation of ‘stuff’, but there are still rules. Employing this design means decorating our homes with things we love, but shouldn’t be done randomly.

Open plan living room interior with green velvet sofa, wall art and industrial lighting

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch - Brass, £79 by Industville (Image Supplied by @Archer.t.j)

Achieving maximalism should be done with quality in mind, finding things that are well made and built to last. With older pieces of décor often fitting these criteria, maximalism usually encompasses some older pieces within the interior. Complement older pieces of furniture with some vintage lighting, whether this is something from our glass range or one of our metallic fittings.

Consider Carefully What You Choose To Bring Into The Home

“Consumers are more interested in the backstory of what they are bringing into the home.” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore director of colour marketing & development. Items that have been created by hand possess a unique story, as opposed to something that has simply been produced by a machine in a factory.

By using skilled artisan crafters to create our range of lights, each of our handcrafted fittings will tell a unique story. Our raw natural materials are chosen specifically for their quality and longevity, perfect for building a bespoke home for you and your family.

Take Inspiration From The Woodlands

If you have not yet seen this trend, then perhaps you have been missing the perfect style for your home. The woodlands design is all about creating an interior inspired by forests and wooded areas, incorporating tranquillity and warmth into the design. This also includes wooden ornaments and furniture such as tables and chairs.

Woodland retreat inspired dining room interior

Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant - 24 Inch – Pewter, £119, by Industville (Image supplied by @prettyprovoking)

When choosing fittings for this style, perhaps consider shades such as Brass or bronze to add a pop of colour while still honouring the theme of the space. These textures will also help to tell the story of the space. By creating a rustic-style room, you’ll be able to enjoy a rustic style lodge location, without having to escape from your home.

With this style encompassing natural components, you’ll also receive the benefits of being in contact with natural materials along with a feeling of being outdoors. With plants spaced around the interior and a roaring log fire to sit in front of, this warming theme is something that will always be welcome when coming home.

Go Darker With New Nordic

As we begin to see Scandinavian styles evolve and develop, New Nordic is a trend that is paving the way in this style. Traditionally defined by minimalist colours and neutral hues, New Nordic looks to introduce a somewhat bolder palette, creating warming spaces.

Brighter colours such as burnt orange and blush pinks can be seen with this trend, along with complementing shades such as deep blues and forest greens; inspired by the Nordic winters. Combining these colours with an already Scandi home can transform your space into this new style, breathing fresh life into your interior for 2020.

Dining room interior with industrial lights

Orlando Wire Cage Pendant - 4 Inch – Pewter, £49, by Industville (Image supplied by @The_brewhouse_home)

Complementing this minimalist design, our cage fittings offer a minimal feel while illuminating your interior. From balloon to cylinder-shaped, our range of fixtures are handcrafted and will help to create the ultimate New Nordic retreat.

If you’re still not sure which style to bring in for this year, why not browse through our Instagram and Pinterest? These are updated daily with beautiful interiors, showcasing our lights inside our customers’ homes!

Request our free catalogue here, filled with amazing products and fresh ideas to inspire you to think a little outside the box.

Not sure which finish would be best for your home? Pick up a sample ring here to compare and contrast our brass, copper, pewter and leather styles within your interior.

Featured Image: Tamsin Allen – Fawn Interiors Studio

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